It didn’t have to be this way…

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Who hasn’t had the experience of going shopping and finding the perfect blouse, sweater, or jacket to round out an outfit. You buy it and when you get it home and try it on again — you find the security tag still attached. “Argh,” you exclaim and contemplate what you’d like to the sales associate when you return to the store, knowing you never will.

The salesperson forgot. It happens right? For luxury items, stores want to provide a deterrent to shoplifters. It’s frustrating. But in most situations, you can return to the store, show them your receipt and have…

You can’t have just one

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I have three cats. Some might call that the starter pack on the road to being a crazy cat lady. People who know me believe I’m already there. I’m not going to dispute either point of view. I like cats.

Two of my three cats are littermates that I adopted together. The third cat, Scout is a kitten. She’s blind and is five years younger than the other two. Scout’s the kitty equivalent to being a surprise. She’s like the kid that parents have when they thought they were done. Scout’s older sisters haven’t bonded with her so sometimes she…

It will make you a better writer

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I’m currently working on a young adult novel that I hope to see published. I’m also an avid reader. I’ve found as I read books — novels to be specific — I read with a writer’s eye. I carefully study things like plot and character development. Sometimes if the book really sucks, I struggle to finish it. I do try to finish it though. I often learn more from bad books than I do from good ones.

These books usually have a few things in common that make it hard to finish. …

We never painted by the numbers, baby / but we were making it count

Taylor Swift singing into microphone
Taylor Swift singing into microphone
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The name Taylor Swift conjures up all different emotions. At times, she’s been known for who she’s dating as much as her music. Taylor’s been in and out of the news in recent years. She rose to popularity as a teenage country star, and at the height of that popularity, she switched to pop music. Her new indie album, Folklore, has sold 1.3 million copies in 24 hours. Through it all, Taylor Swift’s fans have remained devoted to her.

Her fans’ loyalty is something all creatives can learn from and attempt to emulate.

Take the Time to Work on Your Craft

Taylor set a goal at an early…

And what I did to fix them

Scout, photo courtesy of the author

In January, I adopted a blind kitten. I had gone with a friend to yoga at a kitty café. I hadn’t planned to adopt that day. We attended so my friend could scope out the kitties and perhaps find some kittens she might be interested in adopting. Instead, I fell in love with a blind kitten. I adopted Scout the next day. I’ve learned a lot from that experience.

I adopted on a whim and didn’t do any due diligence

I failed to do any research before I adopted Scout. As a result, I had no idea how different life with a blind kitten would be. Although I quarantined Scout in…

There are more options than you think

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Getting good feedback — or any feedback — on your work is an important part of writing. A good critique partner can pick up things you missed. They offer a certain amount of distance from the manuscript so they can also help fill in plot holes and point out areas of the manuscript that may not be working the way you want it to. One thing to remember with any critique, it’s subjective. If you ask ten people their opinion about your manuscript, most of them will give you different feedback. That’s something to keep in mind while you’re looking…

Anecdote | Pet Ownership

I will never understand why they do what they do

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I’ve been a cat mom for a while now. My cats mostly engage in typical cat behavior. They can be aloof when I want to pet and snuggle with them and they have an intense fascination with the world outside their window, specifically the birds and squirrels they see. But there are some behaviors I cannot explain. My cats do some weird things.

The water

My cat, Hermione likes to climb up on the counter and watch the water drip from the faucet. Sometimes, she’ll take a drink from the water, but mostly she just watches the water. …

If we have equal rights, why do women’s uniforms get skimpier every year?

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The women’s rights movement was launched on a nationally organized level in 1848. It only took seventy-two years from that time for women to secure the right to vote. The 19th Amendment, which guaranteed all people the right to vote, was passed in 1920.

The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.

If you count the moment the final draft of the Declaration of Independence was first…

Pet Ownership | Anecdote

I don’t regret any of them

Harper Lee/ Photo courtesy of the author

I’ve always loved cats. When my elementary school held a hobby show, I displayed my cat collection. I had stuffed animals, ceramic cat statues, and cat books. Whatever I had at home that had a cat on it, in it or about it, I brought to the hobby show. I’m sure I even attempted to bring our family cat, Dusty but was shot down for logistical reasons and common sense. When I moved out on my own, it wasn’t hard to believe I would adopt a cat of my own.

What I didn’t expect to happen were the changes I…

Three writing tips from Nora Ephron

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Writer, Nora Ephron was best known for screenplays for movies like When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail. She also directed a few movies too. Before writing screenplays — and directing, she made a name for herself writing personal essays. Her writing reflected the humorous, and at times, bittersweet moments of life and relationships. Frequently in interviews, she talked about her writing and sometimes gave a few tips.

Everything is Copy

Ephron mined content from her own life to write essays that very often focused on the female experience. She later adopted a similar style for her screenplays. …

Nancy Parish

Writer, Midwesterner, Amateur Cat Herder, Nap Enthusiast. Previously, Contributing Editor for CWIM.

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