Do My Cats Need A Hobby?

What do they do all day besides nap?

Nancy Parish
3 min readJun 14, 2024
Hermione Granger the cat sitting on her favorite chair. #catlover #maincoon #catmomlife #Catlife #Cats
Hermione Granger the cat on her favorite chair / Photo courtesy of Author

Have you ever looked at your cat and wondered how they could possibly be napping again? My cats nap like it’s their job. There’s the post-breakfast nap that comes after the morning Zoomie. Then there’s the post-lunch nap in the afternoon.

Between all those naps, they may spend time on their perch by the window, watching the birds and those no-good squirrels.

But that usually leads to another nap.

They can sleep almost anywhere and they nap like eighteen hours a day. I’d hazard a guess that most cats do the same thing.

Do you ever wonder what cats do to warrant needing that much sleep?

Cats can be pretty lazy. They are crepuscular so they are most active at dawn and dust so maybe those catnaps in between are just them making up for lost sleep at night. Sort of like what I did in college when I stayed out too late or pulled an all-nighter.

Could part of it be boredom? In between those naps, there’s not much to do. Cats have to get bored, right?

What about a hobby?

It’s not like they have many hobbies available to them. If they took up knitting, the yarn would get caught in their claws…



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