My Furry Valentines

The reason I do the things I do

Nancy Parish


Scout with her heart on her sleeve / Photo courtesy of the Author

I’m outnumbered by my cats. I share my condominium with three feline overlords. I love spending time with each one and they have stolen my heart in their own unique ways.

Sometimes they band together and drive me crazy.

These three feline overlords hold their power over me whenever they can. Some days, they rule with an iron paw. Because there are three of them and only one of me, they usually get their way.

Breakfast is early

They want their breakfast at the crack of dawn. That means they wake me up to feed them. Hermione Granger nudges Scout that it’s time. A few minutes later, Scout scratches at the bathroom door until I get out of bed to feed them.

I’ve realized that she does this so that it looks like Scout is the one who wants to be fed. In reality, it’s Hermione. Scout’s the youngest of the three of them, so she gets assigned the dirty work.

There was one time that she stared at me for a moment after she gave Scout the sign like she was trying to figure out if I knew what she was up to. She’s a furry little boss in that way.

If I’ve chosen a flavor of cat food that Hermione doesn’t like, she’ll move a napkin over it and walk away. That’s a sign to tell me that the food choice was not up to her standards.

When she’s in a snarky mood, she’ll knock the bowl off the counter with one swipe of the paw. When this happens, I know I’m one more bad flavor away from a mutiny. The other cats will turn up their noses at the flavor choice out of solidarity.

I always pick up the bowl, clean it, and crack open a new can of food. When it comes to choosing cat food, it’s a game of Russian roulette. If I’ve chosen wisely, she’ll dig right in. And everyone’s happy.

Cardboard Boxes on the floor

I leave cardboard boxes on my living room floor well after the contents have been removed because cats, being cats, love cardboard boxes. I feel guilty when I finally remove them. I know that even though they’ve stopped playing in it, they will look for it ten minutes after I put it in the dumpster.



Nancy Parish

Amateur Cat Herder. Previously, Contributing Editor for CWIM. My ebook Life with Scout: The Blind Kitty Chronicles avail.