Wear Socks To The Airport and Other Things I Learned The Hard Way

Six Things I’ve Learned at 60

Nancy Parish
5 min readMay 30, 2024
This is a photo of a very cute blind tabby kitten the day I adopted her. Her name is Scout and she can fetch her toys. Follow me for more Scout stories.
Scout the day we met/ Photo courtesy of Author

Earlier this year, I turned 60 years old. I’m not going to lie. Flipping that digit to 60 was much harder than turning 50 and every year between the two.

I don’t feel any older, but I’m now in my sixties. That should come with some wisdom, right?

I’ve been thinking about it and I have some hard-earned wisdom I gained through the years.

Here we go.

1. Wear socks to the airport.

This little tidbit I learned very recently. I rode along with my brother to take my 98-year-old WWII vet Dad to the airport. We’d made arrangements for him to have an escort to his gate.

The ticketing agent was able to maneuver things for us and give us two companion passes. That was fantastic and meant we could hang out with him as his flight was delayed three hours.

I hadn’t expected this and wore my slip-on sneakers (did I mention I turned 60?) without any socks. I had the pleasure of going through security barefoot. Thinking about the hundreds or thousands of people who stood there before me.




Nancy Parish

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