Would Cats Say I Love You if They Could Talk?

Maybe they already do

Photo by Humberto Arellano on Unsplash

I saw a meme recently that showed a picture of a cat and under the picture, the caption read:

Have you ever wondered what your cat named you?

That made me wonder a few things. What do cats really think about us? Are we just the human who feeds them and provides them shelter?

Or do we represent something more?

An Oregon State University study found that cats develop “secure attachments” to humans like their canine counterparts. The study further suggested that cats rely on their humans for comfort when they are stressed.

I’d have to say I agree with the findings. Whenever my cat Bailey was frightened by a loud noise, she would scamper over to me to hide from the offending noise. I’d pet her until she felt better, or the noise stopped. She’d then go about her business.

Their kitty quirks are expressions of love

I’m also inclined to believe all of the quirks that cats have are their way of showing us, their humans, how they feel about us. And hopefully, that feeling is love. Things like bringing us their toys to throw for them to fetch or leaving dead little critters at the front door are both expressions of love. Maybe they think we’re incompetent hunters and they must share their bounty with us, so we’ll survive. Though I like to think it’s the first one.

My cats do show me love almost every day. My blind cat, Scout, is especially attached to me. She follows me from room to room on most days. When I nap on my couch, I wake up to find her asleep by my side. If I’m standing-talking on the phone, she’ll nudge up against my legs and do a front flip so she’s lying on her stomach on the floor. For the next five seconds, she’ll even let me pet her tummy. That’s got to be love, right?

When My cat Hermione, jumps up on the couch next to me she looks into my eyes like she loves me or at least likes me a whole bunch. That’s until I pet her tummy too long and she swats my hand and scampers away. I think she cares, she’s just a little ticklish.

I have other evidence that suggests she feels warmly towards me –I hope it’s even love. When I walk into my bedroom and she’s in her favorite spot, she always jumps over to the bed, walks up to me, and lets me pet her. Sometimes she even sits down on the bed and gets comfortable so I can really give the spots behind her ears a really good scratch.

Would cats say I love you if they could?

Maybe they already do say I love you. Have we really deciphered what Meow means? It could mean I love you in Catish. (Yes, I made up this word).

I think cats are more inclined to show us they love us, rather than tell us with words. My cats always snuggle next to me when I’m sick. My cat, Lucky, used to sleep by my head every night. He’d paw at the other cats if they took his spot. I have to believe he did that out of love — jealous, possessive love. But love still the same.

When I return home, my cats wait in the hallway for me. They stand there until I pet them. Then they go on their way, so they at least like me. They seem happy to see me and to see that I’ve arrived safely home. That’s got to mean something.

What does it mean?

I think cats do love their human companions, as much as they are capable of feeling love. They may not wag their tails and bounce around in circles like dogs, but they do show love, it’s just in the form of head nudges and purrs.

For me, that’s all I need.

Writer, Midwesterner, Amateur Cat Herder, Nap Enthusiast. Previously, Contributing Editor for CWIM. https://thesoundandfurry.com/

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